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Harrison, Montana

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336 Waterloo Road, Whitehall. Harrison, Montana

(406) 287-7933


Publicado por Nikki Zelenka

Lori only cared about taking close to $80,000 from me, was dishonest and unethical in many of her dealings, and failed to meet deadlines she promised to make, resulting in damage to me and loss of integrity in my case. She also forgot to include important information in her case pleadings, and her failure to take timely action resulted in my order of protection against my abuser being dropped by the District Court, who has since harassed me, stolen from me and threatened me mercilessly. Lori is dishonest in her dealings. If you want all of your money taken, with zero results in your favor, Lori is your girl. She also screamed the F-bomb at me in front of others (yes, there were witnesses) and mocked me often for having a disability, so if you want to be shamed and treated like a child, and have her throw her narcissistic fits of rage at you in the court room, to botch your case, pick her. She tantrums like a three year old and fails to see her role in her grossly unprofessional misconduct. She blames everyone else for her poor behavior. She is very, very immature and simply wants to exploit others for money. One star is far too generous for this unethical farm girl. I have zero trust in her and I do not respect her in any way, shape or form. Again, all she wants is money and she cares little about her clients or their case.

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Publicado por Ryan Bartholomew

Lori is no-nonsense, skilled, knowledgeable, well-networked, experienced, and efficient. She worked to resolve my challenging divorce with a favorable and fair outcome, and she was honest and a superb communicator along the way. She will tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear, and that is the mark of a great attorney. Her staff and associates are also wonderful. I strongly recommend hiring Lori for whatever you need - you'll be in good hands.

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Publicado por Kathryn Mazurek

Lori is a solid advocate. She negotiated some business dealings I had and I could not be more satisfied with her representation of me. She was tough, highly ethical, and I know she always had my best interests at heart. Her compassionate care for me really made me feel like I was in the best hands. She is a definite hire.

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