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Newark, New Jersey


551 5th Avenue #520, New York

Newark, New Jersey

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551 5th Avenue #520, New York. Newark, New Jersey

(212) 341-7900


Publicado por Travelin Dan

This law firm caused me MORE medical debt than what I had going in. I called and vividly explained my situation and was told my case would be easy, that they could definitely help me win. I had an ER bill that I gave to them and was told they would take care of it via workers comp. Months went by and I was going to be sent into collections. They FORCED me to see not one but TWO separate doctors to fill out some forms that the emergency room did not fill out. So I went to two doctors just to get this paper work for them. Now another few months go by and I ended up paying my ER bill because I didn't want to be sent to collections and now they tell me they don't think they can help me with my case. Maybe they should have thought of that before sending me to two doctors because now I am not only stuck with my ER bill but the bills from the doctors that they sent me to. So thank you, thank you for putting me in more medical debt than what I originally was in before coming to you.

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Publicado por Lorraine S Sydney

Wow I appreciate God for knowing this firm,God use one attorney to win my first part of my case and I just want to say thank you,sorry I can’t remember his name off hand but great person and I definitely know my other attorney on this last portion of this workers comp case will do and excellent job that’s Brandon Clark .Thanks again...

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Publicado por Marlon Suson

If you're looking for a nice, warm, caring attorney to manage your FDNY, NYPD or ANY type of disability case, look elsewhere. From the "screening" process with their abrasive "intake specialists" who say over and over accusingly, "are you meaning to tell me you couldn't work? You were totally unable to work in any capacity?" to their attorneys who throw caution to the wind and shame you if you are a medical record short (J. Anklowitz is a no-no), you are grilled as if you're on the stand in a major trial. Be forewarned they want you to sign a letter of intent with them quickly and THEN after some time has passed, they may inform you (if your case is not a slam dunk) "we don't know if your case is winnable." In short, if you have an easy, simple-win disability case with no holes, this is the firm for you but if you have a case that presents ANY type of challenges or if you value lawyer-client relationships, keep on walking. You won't find it here. This is a cold firm. At one point, an MD who treated me on 9/11 for injuries sustained at WTC offered to speak with attorney J. Anklowitz about my conditions, and he responded with, "Sorry, I'm too busy to speak with him." Amazing arrogance. Also, if you don't like being grilled hard by your own attorney or can't handle it emotionally, this is not the firm for you. On a good note, employee "Rachel" is very nice - they had very good cold water and the bathroom was super clean. Here's some advice for the Pasternak Firm: When dealing with potential clients who've been emotionally traumatized from a major tragedy, simply Be Nice...Be super nice.

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