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Licenciado en Bienes Raices, Bancarrota, Ancianos, Testamentos, Negocios

Preston, Washington


19803 1st Avenue South #200, Normandy Park

Preston, Washington

(206) 408-8158


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19803 1st Avenue South #200, Normandy Park. Preston, Washington

(206) 408-8158


Publicado por Ryan Zimmerman

Darcel is great. She is very open and seems like she genuinely cares about her clients. She gives succinct, well reasoned, and actionable legal advice. Highly recommend.

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Publicado por Dixie Steinke

Darcel has helps a few of my clients when selling their homes when they were in foreclosure and when they needed assistance with the lenders to keep their homes from being foreclosed upon. She handled everything with a high level of professionalism and compassion. Fast to respond to questions and fast to get answers and updates of the status of the situations.

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Publicado por Cindy Joyce

Ms Lobo handled my recent bankruptcy proceedings and I was very satisfied with her services. She was very thorough with all the details involved and managed the entire process in a professional manner. Ms Lobo was always available with prompt answers for my many questions and concerns. She provided extremely competent and personalized services to me during a difficult situation. Overall, she exceeded my expectations in every respect. I would heartily recommend DAL Law Firm.

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Abogado Douglas Zanes

Douglas Zanes

Abogado de Lesiones personales, Inmigracion

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