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450 South 3rd Street, Louisville. Lyndon, Kentucky

(502) 584-5050


Publicado por Melinda Rose Tovey

My case was extremely serious, in my opinion (more serious than an old lady getting slapped a couple of times in a nursing home) and already in litigation to which I signed an employment contract with another attorney who works closely with Mr. Sampson. Sampson told me he would call me to get all the necessary information from me before my latest status conference, but he never did. When I called Mr. Sampson to find out why I had received a declination letter with no explanation, after it appeared that it was agreed upon that my case had merit, I was told it was purely financial. The conversation ended with a slight chuckle about this and what seemed like the most compassionless, "good luck" I have ever heard. Sadly, I get the feeling that this is how the majority of these malpractice cases are handled. It's terrible that doctors can do whatever they want and get away with it unless you have died or are in a wheelchair. Even if you do end up in a wheelchair, it will be too late because lawyers like Mr. Sampson are too busy with someone who slipped and fell in a courtyard and had to take a few months off work to heal. Lawyers need to gain all the facts before giving victims of medical malpractice any false hopes, in my opinion. Don't tell people whose lives have been completely ruined that they have a case, fail to ask the right questions to determine so or do what you say your going to do or review it properly, and then latter decline them. It's not a good way to handle people.

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Publicado por Amy Smith

It was such a pleasure working with Mr. Sampson and his staff. They were very personable and professional. I was rewarded amicable compensation for my pain and suffering. Hopefully, I never get into another wreck but if I do; I will definitely use Mr. Sampson again.

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Publicado por patrice wickerham

My experience with Sampson Law was absolutely amazing and I don’t say this lightly. My Mom was the victim of nursing home abuse and I sought out SLF. Mr. Sampson and his staff handled our complaint with compassion, honesty, and I consider them experts in abuse cases. The process takes time due to the defense dragging things out. I truly feel that we received the best possible settlement in this case. If you even suspect abuse, make an appointment to speak with Sampson Law Firm. I know my Mom would have been pleased with the outcome of of case.

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