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The Attkisson Law Firm, LLC

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Moraine, Ohio


3033 Kettering Boulevard #213, Dayton

Moraine, Ohio

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3033 Kettering Boulevard #213, Dayton. Moraine, Ohio

(937) 276-9700


Publicado por Matthew Nunemaker

The Attkisson Law firm was very helpful with my case for a car accident I was in. They were very thorough and explained the benefits of taking a deal quick or waiting and maximizing the return. They even continue to help even when things are said and done or if they see issues with the settlement. They are definitely a law firm for the people and not just for themselves. Thank you so much again for helping me.

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Publicado por Brentt Hogan

Contacted Attkisson Law Firm shortly after my motorcycle accident. Met with Kevin and Kaitlyn to discuss details. After our initial meeting, their prioritiy centered around my recovery and healing time. During this phase, Attkisson Law Firm worked diligently to make sure my medical and therapy progressed as prescribed. I contacted office frequently to understand my rights as a victim. They were prompt and truthful in all communication related to case. I never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. At the conclusion of my recovery time - I was presented with details of the case. We discussed options for moving forward. I was pleased with Attkisson Law Firms attention to detail of case and my concerns related to recovery and accident. Kevin and Kaitlyn fought hard for me during my healing process lessening my concern for justice. I would recommend Attkisson Law Firm to friends and relatives if they ever needed representation. I am very appreciative of their work and most important - truthfulness throughout process.

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Publicado por David Collins

I had been in a motorcycle accident where I was sitting at a light and a young lady proceeded to change lanes where I was present. Shortly after that, in the hospital. Several of the medical staff asked if I'd contacted a lawyer yet, and it had been only hours since the accident, so the answer was no, but they got me thinking. I turned in my personal health insurance to get the hospital thing going, but with a now broken motorcycle, collar bone, and torn rotator cuff (discovered later), I was in for some expenses. Physical therapy alone was big hit! You can't do it without a lawyer, I don't think. The young lady's insurance company was providing minimum coverage for her and I had additional insurance though my vehicle, which ended up being needed. Mr. Attkisson, paralegal Kim, and their team took care of everything, and got me the maximum payout and kept me informed through the somewhat lengthy process. I would highly recommend them to care for your legal protection.

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Abogado Patrick  Merrick

Patrick Merrick

Abogado de Seguro Social, Lesiones personales, Litigios, Trabajo y Empleo

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