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Piedmont, Oklahoma


900 Northeast 63rd Street, Oklahoma City

Piedmont, Oklahoma

(405) 239-7046


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900 Northeast 63rd Street, Oklahoma City. Piedmont, Oklahoma

(405) 239-7046


Publicado por Jason Everitt

Attorney, Dacia & Legal Assistant, Morgan make a dream team! I have had the pleasure of working with them on two back-to-back motor vehicle accidents I was in. Making the decision to choose Dacia, with Abel Law Firm was the best decision I could have made following my first accident. Thankfully, neither accident was my fault, however, both did require me to have spinal fusions. I'm happy to report, both cases have been settled and closed out, with dual victories! Dacia is extremely knowledgeable and her professionalism, follow-through, follow-up and execution are second to none. You cannot afford to NOT hire Dacia, with Abel Law Firm for your motor vehicle case! Thank you!!!

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Publicado por shannataylor67

Trying to handle a personal injury claim on my own was overwhelming, and Luke Abel provided the support and representation when I needed it most. He eased my worries and allowed me to carry on with taking care of my family while he shouldered the burden of making sure things were being handled in the best way possible for my benefit. I was treated with kindness and sensitivity and pure professionalism by each and every staff member, and I cannot say enough nice things about this firm. Special thanks to Morgan for putting in all the legwork when I just wasn't up for it.

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Publicado por Jenifer Silence

The Abel Law Firm is absolutely the best! I found them through a search of the top three attorneys in Oklahoma City. When I was hurt in a car accident, they were so caring that first day I walked into their office having no idea how to handle the three insurance companies involved. Luke walked me through everything, and with genuine care about my well-being, answered all my questions and was always available. He even checked in with me about my several months recovery progress. We got through the settlement process with a very positive outcome and I would recommend Luke and his team in a heartbeat to anyone who is involved in a car accident and needs help dealing with the insurance companies!! Thank you, Luke, Ed, Corey and staff at Abel Law Firm for taking such good care of me over the last year!!

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