Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky

Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky
Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky

Licenciado en Inmigracion

2415 Avenue U Ste. 2, Brooklyn. Brooklyn, New York

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Publicado por Sherif Fayez
3 months ago

I emailed Marina and asked her for the free list of questions and she didn't hesitate and sent it my way, also gave me advice for FREE via email.

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Publicado por Michael Palumbo
7 months ago

Marina is an AWESOME immigration attorney. As an attorney myself who DOES NOT practice immigration law, I still get many inquiries for that service. I refer them all to Marina, and they are always happy with her service and result. If you or someone you know have an immigration issue don't delay call Marina today!

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Publicado por geeta mathura
11 months ago

I would like to thank Marina Shepelsky and law associates for all your support, determination and legal advice and a job well done. I cannot emphasize enough how much she have helped me. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone. I have been through so much turmoil in my efforts to reach where I am today and it was all possible because of her. I will always be grateful.

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Publicado por Rachell Lesvita
a year ago

We have been working with Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky for over a year now, on the most important matter of our life: our re-union, marriage, and life-long legal right to build a family together in the U.S. Marina and her team has been there for us 100% from the beginning. I cannot speak highly enough about their knowledge of Immigration Law and proficiency. The bottom line is that Marina Shepelsky deeply cares about her clients, and this tremendous care not only spreads throughout the entire staff, but fuels a highly positive and effective atmosphere. Marina is both smart and compassionate, a friend and a fighter, and exceptional yet still reasonably priced. If I could do it all over again, the only thing I would change is all the time I wasted looking around and comparing her services to other immigration lawyers. \ Highly recommended.

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Publicado por Guldzhon Asoeva
a month ago

She is the best ! very professional attorney.

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