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Sublimity, Oregon

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694 High Street Northeast, Salem. Sublimity, Oregon

(503) 371-9636


Publicado por Eric Rhodes

Couldn’t get my foot in the door. He wouldn’t even let me explain the depth of my claim. He just hung up without listening to me. Like the last Attorney I had in a near fatal wreak did, my former attorney blew me off when I told him I would see him disbarred, and guess what I did? I did exactly that. I sent that disbarred Attorney to Jail, and sued his legal malpractice insurance policy and won, so much for not listening to me, I’d look else where for an attorney who will listen to a prospective clients background...first fully! After all, the last Attorney who laughed at the idea of me disbarring him, is now a convicted felon...and I did so all by making the BAR prosecute one of their own for theft of client funds in my near fatal car wreak. So I’m not one to blow off easily like so many Attorneys do in disability cases. Look else where for legal assistance in disability is my surmise.

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Publicado por James Little

Unfortunately it is not entirely clear from their advertising that McGinty, or Belcher, one or the other, has a son who is practicing Social Security advocacy. It is the Sun that my daughter and I visited, to talk about her social security claim. Of course, the process takes a long time, and in our case the longer the better. I still have trouble believing that my own daughter is mentally Disturbed. She is angry much of the time, but she was very good with mr. Belcher. Ryan was very kind, and let us to believe that he was sincerely interested in helping her, should that be her best option. We talked about options, and he told my daughter what she could do to improve her chances. However, he did not send us any confirming letter. With his office resources, I would think that would be standard practice. I presume we received copies when we left, but he did not send us a confirming letter and closing copies of the documents he had, and telling us which documents he needed to pursue her case diligently. Too much responsibility was placed upon my daughter, without any assistance in the way of a list, or a letter of instructions. I would recommend that they follow up each appointment with some short correspondence, just to get things straight drama and confirm the long-time lines that are customary in this area of practice, which is a specialty that is certainly to be acquired violin a Layman as easily as an attorney. No law license is required to practice before the Social Security Administrative judges. And people can get very good at it, without being lawyers licensed by the bar association of Oregon.

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Publicado por Donna Clark

We are very pleased at how we were treated. They worked hard for my husband and we both appreciate all of their hard work to win our case.

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