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The Mike Morse Law Firm

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Brighton, Michigan


24901 Northwestern Highway #700, Southfield

Brighton, Michigan

(855) 645-3946


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24901 Northwestern Highway #700, Southfield. Brighton, Michigan

(855) 645-3946


Publicado por Joshua Hibbert

Mike Morse has been a blight in our lives ever since we have hired them to represent our case, these "People" lie and give you honeyed words. My mother had the unfortunate run in with an accident, injuries and recovery time that prevented her from doing her job, During this process it has been nothing but a grind and slog to even CONTACT these people, taking up to 5 days to even get word from their file managers, let alone getting any information about a lawyer, these people will give you NO, I repeat NO representation for they give you lies and nothing but lies.

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Publicado por The Mandwella Effect

Only wants your case if you are missing a limb or close to dying. They always "refer" you to another law firm if your case isn't worth millions. Just know if they send you to Romano Law like they did to me, be prepared to be screwed over. I refuse to use my real name because of the retaliation these people inflict upon people. You can also read my review on Romano Law. Mark Sisson is a joke! These lawyers don't care about you, they only care about that fat paycheck at your expense. Do your homework and research for the right attorney. Don't waste your time or breath on Mike Morse, his referral team, or his back-up lawyers at "Romano Law." Unless you truly enjoy being screwed over. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

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Publicado por Jason Polselli

I’ve never had to deal with an injury accident lawsuit or anything of that nature before, this was a first for me so I’ve had nothing to rate them against. What I do know is, my lawyer Eric knew I was broke from not working/not being able to work due to a foot injury, he went out of his way to issue me a check weeks before I was able to get any kind of a settlement. That meant the world to me & helped out a ton. So really nothing negative to say about this firm, they’ve done everything they promised so far.

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Abogado Jennifer  Pernas

Jennifer Pernas

Abogado de Familia, Inmigracion

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