Legal Referral Services New York City Bar Association

Legal Referral Services New York City Bar Association
Legal Referral Services New York City Bar Association

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42 West 44th Street, New York. North Caldwell, New Jersey

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Publicado por Henrik Deboer
4 weeks ago

I spoke with two attorneys at this organization about a patent issue. The first attorney named Julia or Juliet was frankly clueless as far as anything related to current technology. I don’t expect any attorney who is screening the calls to be a technical expert in any STEM field, but Julia could not even conceptualize the ideas I was describing. Quickly she told me that they did not have an attorney and suggested i speak with her supervisor. Instead, I decided to call back. I spoke with a male attorney named Shiva. I was impressed by how knowledge Shiva was about my field and even the patent process. Although he was not able to give me legal advice or a referral, he helped me understand where I could find the legal help I was looking for. I suggest if you have any patent or intellectual property concerns, ask to speak with Shiva directly. You do not want to be dismissed by some of the older attorneys who may not be current on the state of technology. Moreover, any American who can distinguish an Afrikaner accent is a wise fellow indeed.

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Publicado por Angela Li
a week ago

I was referred here by a friend, in search for an immigration attorney. The lady who answered the phone was very nice, walked me through the details and the whole process. I haven’t contacted the attorneys they recommended yet, but this is definitely a good place to start!

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Publicado por Cesar Abreu
in the last week

I was referred to the NYC Bar Association. I called and the person was polite and was able to listen to my case and refer me to lawyers who may be helpful to me in pursuing my case. I am glad I called, i feel more secure that i will find the help i need.

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Publicado por Michael Chang
3 months ago

Amazing, extremely informative, thorough, professional, and highly cost effective! The referral service is employed by actual attorneys/lawyers who have the legal expertise to understand your needs so as to refer accordingly and accurately. I just spoke with Maria and she was able to clarify so many things that other attorneys who I've paid an arm and a leg justice to have my voice heard did not know. And it was complimentary! This is a public service that should be more well known! So glad I reached out.

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Publicado por Kristen Richards
a month ago

I called the NYC Bar Legal Referral Service feeling very anxious. I hung up feeling like all will be well with world (even before getting attorney referral). First, I groaned when I heard: "Your call will be answered by the next available..." -- then glorious Mozart hold music! Second, I'm very sorry I didn't get the name of the friendly - and knowledgeable - woman who took my call. An auspicious beginning to what I feared was going to be a grueling process. Thank you!

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