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Turley, Oklahoma


201 West 5th Street #550, Tulsa

Turley, Oklahoma

(918) 582-6333


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201 West 5th Street #550, Tulsa. Turley, Oklahoma

(918) 582-6333


Publicado por Lee Wall

My name is Lee and I was represented by Jason Edge, recently for a DUI, and i could have not been happier with the way he handled my case. If you are facing charges and need an attorney. HIRE JASON EDGE....Jason Edge and the team at the Edge Law Firm really helped me out! They did a great job with communicating to me and made me feel really secure with their advice. I will definitely recommend everyone to them that are in need of legal help! The outcome of my case after a DUI was that all charges dismissed without any costs.

Abogado contratado

Publicado por Perpetual hope! Perpetual hope!

Melanie Lander is the best lawyer in the state of Oklahoma. I’m currently fighting a case and Melanie has kept me at easy every step of the way! She is very effective in defending my rights against the state. Also she is very informative about the pros and cons of any possible outcome with my case! I’m glad to have her on my side!

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Publicado por Anthony Imboden

I am 50 and got my very first DUI. I was scared and worried about how this may affect my future. I did my research and decided that Edge Law Firm was my best option. That was one year ago. Today, my charges (plural) are dismissed and expunged that entirely to the Edge Law Firm. Are they cheap? No. Are they worth every penny? You bet. It isn't just the attorneys that are great either. The rest of the staff is responsive, helpful, and downright great to work with. As much as I appreciated their professionalism and hard work, I don't think I will go back for seconds. Thank you Edge!!

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