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Levy & Harris, A Mother & Son Firm

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Williams, Oregon


33 North Central Avenue #408, Medford

Williams, Oregon

(541) 636-4787


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33 North Central Avenue #408, Medford. Williams, Oregon

(541) 636-4787


Publicado por Jennifer Vetter

Jacob was open-minded and considerate. In family matter cases the drama can be outstanding but he and Wendy were tenacious when working as a team and Jacob phenomenal in his approach when handling my case. He worked with me on every aspect and kept me in the loop of every detail making sure not only the needs of my child were met but the needs of my personal family and household at hand. I would highly recommend Jacob as his help benefited my family greatly! He made it altogether EASY for me to concentrate on my everyday business and successes as well. My child involved in the custody case has come through this with little effect by the legalities as our end was kept as simple as possible while the other side tried to influence the children. The professionalism of Levy & Harris has prevailed even when the drama from the opposing party tried to ensue. Our case was long, but worth it. The year and half Jacob spent on our case with diligence has proven to be worth the wait. A battle will always have ups and downs, but Levy & Harris has proven to lose little battles and won the war in my case. I praise their efforts and highly recommend Jacob! My child is thriving thanks to this great outcome!

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Publicado por Katie Strong

In the past few years, I have retained Wendy Levy twice to represent me for a divorce and modifying a parenting plan. Wendy and her associates have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They are professional, know law, and extremely hard working. Wendy provided her experienced recommendations but did what I still wanted in my original parenting plan 3 years ago. I should have listened because I came back to have it modified. This speaks volumes of their practice since I wanted to retain her a second time. Wendy is prompt in her responses, a genuinely caring attorney and fairly priced! Taking her counsel the second time around I won most of everything in court helping better the quality of life for my son's and myself. I highly recommend her and her associates to help you with your legal endeavors. Extremely grateful, Katie Strong

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Publicado por Neal Croswell

There are not enough words to express the immeasurable gratitude I have for Jacob Harris. Faced with a complicated and ugly divorce/custody situation, he helped me to find the courage to continue the hurdles and the struggle of the courtroom. After every conversation or meeting we had, I felt more and more at ease and confident in the success of our case. Polite, compassionate, understanding, involved, honest, reasonable, professional... just some of the words that hardly put a dent in describing what an extraordinary person and attorney he has been. From beginning to end he fought for my best interest while simultaneously keeping in mind how expensive divorce can be. Consistent and diligent the whole way through even while dealing with a less than cooperative opposing attorney. In the end, he helped me to attain more than what I expected and more than I asked for. Jacob, you have my sincerest thanks and endless gratitude. You secured the bond between Father and Daughter, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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