Correll Law Firm, PLC

Correll Law Firm, PLC
Correll Law Firm, PLC

Licenciado en Lesiones personales, Defensa Criminal

10 West Boscawen Street Suite 26, Winchester. Winchester, Virginia

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Publicado por Mark Golladay
3 weeks ago

knowledgeable, Honest, smart, fair, dependable are just a few words to describe an excellent lawyer that goes above and beyond for his clients.

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Publicado por Jacquline Becerra
2 months ago

After being rear ended last summer by another driver, I suffered a concussion followed by headaches, fatigue, nausea and weakness. I seeked legal help from Mr. Correll who I am happy to say was able to get me a fair settlement. I am very happy with the work that Beau, Patti, and Alexis did, I would highly recommend this law office to anyone who is seeking legal help. Thanks again for the great work!

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Publicado por Laura Lewis
3 months ago

Correll lawfirm does an excellent job. I highly recommend them if you need any legal assistance. I'm extremely pleased with their service!

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Publicado por Katie Hauer
5 months ago

After being in a traumatic car accident that wasn’t my fault, suffering from severe injuries, a long hospital stay, three surgeries, and traumatic brain bleed I knew that I needed to reach out to a personal injury attorney. I was referred to Beau from a trusted friend that “this is your guy.” He went above and beyond with my case. Caring, full of knowledge/expertise, efficient in his work, timely, and professional. His paralegal Patti is a lovely right hand and she was always on call for any questions, comments, concerns I had throughout the process, as you can imagine I had quite a few. A dynamic pair. My settlement was very large. Nothing will ever take back what happened, but you can and should seek legal expertise to help fight for your justice as a victim. Thank you Beau and Patti!

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Publicado por thomas pickles
7 months ago

Mr. Correll took my case on short notice, and I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. I had two misdemeanor charges, of which there was the potential for jail time, loss of license, probation, and high fines. Mr. Correll was able to have one charge dropped, and the other one carried no loss of license, no jail time, and only minimal fines. It’s clear from first contact that he is an extremely educated professional, who has experience in various areas of law. He was always available to talk, and if I wasn’t able to get in contact with the office or Mr. Correll himself, the turn around on a call back was minimal. They try to stay in contact as much as needed to help calm things, and better prepare you for what’s ahead. The thing that stood out the most was how straight forward and honest he was. He doesn’t beat around the bush, doesn’t act hopeful or get your hopes up with exaggerated claims, didn’t even try to tell me he was the best or guaranteed he could do something others couldn’t. He tells you what the law states, and what may happen given his experiences on both sides of the court room. And “his experiences” is an understatement. This man has a wealth of knowledge and experience with law, and in the court room, that is an asset to any person or community. As another mentioned, it’s not hard to see this man running for office one day. It’s always nice to have someone like that on your side of the fence, as the anxiety alone leading up to, and during court, is hard to deal with without understanding the potential consequences and preparing yourself ahead of time for the worst. It definitely lessened my anxiety after our initial consultation, and more so thereafter having Mr. Correll represent me. Do yourself a favor and look into his services. Even if he isn’t the one you choose to have represent you, he is helpful and honest through the consulting stage. But, at the end of the day, this is a man who brings so much knowledge and experience to the table, that you probably won’t look anywhere else after meeting him.

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