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Hope Law Firm, P.L.C.

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Licenciado en Bancarrota, Familia, Defensa Criminal, Lesiones personales, Seguro Social

Runnells, Iowa


207 Northeast Delaware Avenue #20, Ankeny

Runnells, Iowa

(515) 512-9733


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207 Northeast Delaware Avenue #20, Ankeny. Runnells, Iowa

(515) 512-9733


Publicado por Maria L Young

Very professional law firm. Shannon Henson who represented me as my attorney did an amazing job. She is honest and upfront as well as communicated well via phone and email. I highly recommend her and Hope Law Firm.

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Publicado por Kristina Hickcox

Hope law firm is outstanding! I have worked with them for a little over a year now. Always friendly, respectful, inviting, clean atmosphere. The location is perfect and hours are flexible with my schedule. Hope law firm is a fehnominal group and I would recommend to anyone! Every cent is worth their time!! Danni Harris is who I have worked with for some time now! I can’t say enough amazing things about this lady!! She’s such a blessing and will fight in you corner until she can no longer which is never!! She is open, honest, and phenomenal at what she does inside and outside a courtroom. She deserves a giant medal for what she does! I can’t say enough good about Danni but she is the lady you want in your corner in any situation!!

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Publicado por David G

Attorney Danni Harris was excellent. Great at cross referencing evidence. Without question, a tough courtroom attorney that put opposition on their heals. Savvy, determined, fought for us. My family was very pleased. I will save you the trouble. LOOK NO FURTHER. Paralegal was professional, available, and informative. Tough circumstances, great experience.

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