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The Gage Law Firm, LLC

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Licenciado en Negocios, Testamentos, Defensa Criminal

Grayson, Georgia


160 Clairemont Avenue #200, Decatur

Grayson, Georgia

(678) 954-5730


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160 Clairemont Avenue #200, Decatur. Grayson, Georgia

(678) 954-5730


Publicado por Aliyah Kirkland

I had a wonderful experience with Mr.Gage. He was much more than attorney in my situation, he was more of an advisor, mentor and counselor. Derek truly shed light on my situation and helped for my loved one to really change their situation for the better on top of resolving their legal issues. Derek has a lot of intergrity and is fair. He will help you to overcome your obstacles with mental health if you are really ready to transform your life. A Godsend!!

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Publicado por Suzy Quenzer

Mr Gage is an incredible attorney who truly cares about his clients. He is very responsive, provides sound advice and works diligently to deliver the best outcome for his clients. He has excellent working relationships with his clients, peers and the courts. I can't say enough about his capabilities and dedication. He is one of a kind!!

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Publicado por Christmas Ellison

Derek Gage has been both a professional attorney and friend to me and my family. From our first phone conversation, he was able to provide information about the law surrounding my case while at the same time offering reassurance-(not false promises) which was exactly what I needed during my moment of crisis. As time progressed, Derek remained steadfast in his efforts to provide me with high quality representation. He responded timely to my inquiries and concerns and always made himself available to answer questions and provide clarification when and where needed. Derek truly advocates for his clients and is genuinely interested in their well being as well as an overall successful ending-just as it was in my situation. He has impeccable standards and truly "raises the Bar". As with me, he will make you forget all of the typical stereotypes you may have heard about attorneys and helps to renew your faith in those who are entrusted to represent you in areas of the law. When he had to travel a bit of distance and practice outside of his usual jurisdiction, he was a quick study and stood at equal footing with his peers. Even when these trips seemed futile, he managed to find a bright side by grabbing a chicken biscuit at one of his favorite FF chains-(so all was not lost). Derek practices with integrity, is committed to his clients and works diligently to ensure you have the most favorable outcomes. I consider Derek Gage an exemplary attorney who will fight for your rights, and a lifelong friend well worth having in your corner. He came highly recommend to me and I would be doing the world an incredible injustice if I did not share my story and reveal one of Atlanta's best kept secrets. Give him a call and try him for yourself- You'll be glad you did!

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