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Brush Prairie, Washington


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Brush Prairie, Washington

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165 Southeast 26th Avenue, Hillsboro. Brush Prairie, Washington

(503) 648-4777


Publicado por J M

UNETHICAL! I retained attorney Rebecca Guptill to represent my children. She met with them and requested a myriad of documents and medical records. I learned that she didn’t even take the time to review the medical records. In the end, she made a recommendation for my children that was completely opposite of what they had requested and contrary to the recommendation of their doctors. Her actions were unethical and wrong. I would NEVER recommend her or this law firm to anyone. Bad service! Bad practice!

Abogado contratado

Publicado por Adam Peck

My experience working with my attorney Casey Gibbens from Harris Law Firm, was exactly what I'd hoped for. I spoke with several attorneys in the area prior to speaking with him. When he and I had our initial consultation it became clear to me right away. Casey was everything the other lawyers I spoke with were not. First, he really listened to understand my personal injury situation. Second, aside from being honest and knowledgeable, he would always return my call within a day or so. And finally I have to say, it was very refreshing to converse and strategize with him without any egos getting in the way. The insurance company only wanted to pay me$7,500.00 for 5 months of pain and suffering, and refused to pay me any of my lost wages. In the end we settled for $43,000.00 which would not have happened with out him. Casey Gibbens from Harris Law firm will be my only call if the need arises. I would recommend him and his firm to all of my family and friends.

Abogado contratado

Publicado por Anita Garcia

My attorney was Casey Gibbons walked away paying medical bills for getting hit by a truck crossing the street. He had me sign a paper before half the payment and shrugged it off as Incase kind of thing he was my attorney so I trusted him next thing you know he said he had to hold funds Incase I had charges from bills unaware that there was already a dispute. I did all I could calling place getting papers to this attorney and I was charged twice by Harris law firm and the Mr, Gibbons got his nice check free and clear while his client walked away paying her medical bills and paying Harris twice for fees that should of been a one time fee and a close case the first time. DONT GO TO THIS PLACE AND NEVER sigh medical waiver fees also do t walk away with half payment you most likely won’t get other half and make sure your case is closed before falling into this half payment trap do your attorney can get paid and you stay with bills. Stay away from Casey Gibbons.

Abogado contratado

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