Dickinson Wright

Dickinson Wright
Dickinson Wright

Licenciado en Familia, Impuestos, Inmigracion, Bancarrota, Derechos Civiles

8363 West Sunset Road #200, Las Vegas. Henderson Ford, Missouri

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Publicado por Kreech er
6 months ago

I was very disappointed with Elizabeth Brickfield. I called and needed help in regards to my mother's estate. I have never had to go through a situation like this before and I am not educated in this type of situation. I called asking for guidance in what would be in my best interest and she spoke with me in a very rude manner and made me feel like I should know what the process is. She spoke to me like I was stupid and kept cutting me off when I tried answering her questions. I decided to let her know that I was just going to find someone else because I felt that she wasn't being helpful and she agreed and said to find someone else. I never thought that going through a process like this would have such a negative response from someone who specializes in this field. I will never think of reaching out to this firm again and I will make sure to write as many reviews as I can so other's grieving the loss of their loved one won't feel that help is not out there. I will ensure that I will never refer or recommend this firm to anyone who doesn't know the process and is just looking for help.

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Publicado por Greg Gemignani
a month ago

Top notch gaming attorneys.

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Publicado por J S
3 years ago

Steve Gibson has not been employed at Dickinson Wright for over a year.

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