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Law Offices of Mark Weinstein PC

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Johns Creek, Georgia


5030 Bowman Park Point, Cumming

Johns Creek, Georgia

(770) 888-7707


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5030 Bowman Park Point, Cumming. Johns Creek, Georgia

(770) 888-7707


Publicado por Rama Puli

Very nice and Friendly attorney. He resolved my case and got refund. His Fee is very reasonable to me. Thanks Mark

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Publicado por Jay Purvis

NOT WORTH THEIR HIGH FEES. I hired this firm to represent me in a simple landlord tenant dispute. They do not have an office; they work out of the managing partner’s home, (not very professional). Their website boast of all their experience, but the lawyer that showed up at court had just gotten his law license within the past year, and he acted like this was his first court case. He was no trial attorney; the opposing attorney far surpassed him in the courtroom. Their fee amounted to over $3000 for one day in court. My leases provide that if I take legal action against the tenant and prevail, they must pay reasonable legal fees. The judge ruled that their fees were not reasonable, and would only allow less than 1/3 of what they charged me. The opposing attorney stated that he charged his client one quarter of what they billed me. The attorney from called me one afternoon when I was on another call. When I called back, he was on another call and they charged me $6.50 to tell him that I returned his call. This law firm is an example of why people hate lawyers.

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Publicado por Ginger Abernathy Hulsey

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