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311 North Holden Street, Warrensburg

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311 North Holden Street, Warrensburg. Clinton, Missouri

(660) 747-6600


Publicado por Andie&Brie Y

My husband's case was truly hopeless when we brought it to Mr. Riddle (Lance). The decision to hire Lance greatly benefited the outcome of his case. A little background- His first charge stemmed from an alcohol related incident involving a firearm. He should have hired Lance then, but hired the cheapest attorney available instead. His very first criminal charge ever and he was slapped with a felony charge and 5 years probation plus over a hundred community service hours, heavy fines, and other conditions. Then, a few years into his probation, he got another misdemeanor charge. We first met Lance at the court during the process of accepting the plea on that charge. Lance pointed out to us that he would be able to fight the charge easily and that we didn't have to take that plea deal (the charge was completely baseless). We though it would be too expensive to fight so we just rolled over and took the charge. Hindsight is always 20/20, as the saying goes. At any point during this ordeal we can see how not hiring Lance, in fact, created a long term financial burden far beyond the retainer we were first quoted. Later on, after having some issues with his probation and miscommunication with his PO, a warrant was issued. Out of fear, we avoided handling it until it had become a pretty grave situation. We hired an expensive, highly rated lawyer from KC in hopes of securing the best possible outcome, but it was looking like it was too little, too late. The lawyer was intimidated by the prosecutor and it looked like my husband was going to be going to prison. We decided to go to Lance for a consultation out of fear and desperation. He immediately put our minds at ease. He has a long standing professional relationship with the prosecutors and judges of the Johnson County court and was the only lawyer we talked to who could give us even a vague idea of what we might be facing. We decided to fire the KC lawyer and hire Lance. We saved several thousand dollars as well because Lance only cost a fraction of what the other guy charged. As soon as Lance became involved in our case, everything started to roll along smoothly. He also was on good terms with my husband's probation officer. This PO had intensely disliked my husband in the past and we were terrified that she would never give him a fourth chance, with good cause. After Lance had spoken to her and my husband went in to talk to her, things went surprisingly well. She seemed much more willing to work with my husband. At his final court date, the court released him from his probation with his Suspended Imposition of Sentence intact! He wasn't even going to be a felon! We are still in shock. He should have gone to prison or at the very least, restarted his 5 year probation. Instead it was over. We owe Lance a debt of gratitude far beyond the fee we paid to handle or case. Lance never judged my husband and treated us with respect and kindness. He is not a miracle worker, however, and it was up to us to follow his suggestions, like self paying for twice weekly urinalysis for 2+ months. It all payed off in the end. Hiring Lance made every bit of difference in our case and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal lawyer. His level of personal attention to our case was amazing and his office staff was highly competent and polite. They even retrieved his bond money from the court and mailed it to us when the case was done. Seriously, HIRE LANCE! If we had done so earlier, it would have saved us years of grief and running. I can't say it enough, Thank You Lance!

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Publicado por Dillon Hortemiller

Lance Riddle's office is full of friendly members that truly want to help you. They do all of the work for you and have an excellent price. I didn't even have to go to court. They came recommended from a friend and I must say I am not disappointed.

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Publicado por benjamin lakey

Lance is straight forward and easy to talk to. My case was handled with little effort from me. There rates are resonable for the service provided. If I get a ticket I know where to go.

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