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Castle Rock, Colorado


1600 North Ogden Street, Denver

Castle Rock, Colorado

(720) 709-2802


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1600 North Ogden Street, Denver. Castle Rock, Colorado

(720) 709-2802


Publicado por Agustin Quintana Jr

I hired Sawaya Law firm to represent me after an auto accident. We just finalized the case and I am very happy with the care provided and finalized outcome. Deborah and Marianella were a pleasure to work with answered all my questions, worked very hard for the best outcome, and kept me updated on the progress. I highly recommend Sawaya Law Firm.

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Publicado por Larissa Langston

Mike Sawaya and the team I have working with me, Marianella and Michael, have made it possible for me to finally get the medical care I have needed for over a year and a half. I was worried and almost felt guilty at first, going to a personal injury law firm, because I didn’t want to be one of those whiny people who tries to retire off a lawsuit. I feel relaxed and confident now, that this law firm does sincerely want to help its clients and get fair settlements. I feel a lot better after the medical care that they were able to set up and I know that I will be in good hands if I have to go to court. I am very grateful they were recommended to me and I would recommend them to others. They have integrity.

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Publicado por Justin Harris

Sawaya Law firm is the absolute worse lawyers I have come across in my life they lie to you so that you put your trust in them once you sign legal papers making them your attorney the lies continue they don't explain anything or even fully listen to their clients or make them a priority they try to bully you in to making decisions that are only in their best interest I feel like would never recommend this law firm to anyone for any reason my lawyer told me multiple times we would have court dates and never get them whenever a status update is asked for they would respond with an attitude as if you wanted too much from them I feel I have not been treated with dignity and respect and just wish someone else their office gave any care for the people the suck money out of.Hate is the strongest word I can use to express how I feel about the service and treatment received by this company.

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