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Licenciado en Defensa Criminal, Lesiones personales

Clarcona, Florida


32 North Kirkman Road, Orlando

Clarcona, Florida

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32 North Kirkman Road, Orlando. Clarcona, Florida

(407) 930-8912


Publicado por Biatriz De Faria

I had a experience with Mr. Eulo, no doubt he’s the best lawyer for criminal cases around here. He’s a very competent professional, he knows what he’s doing and is always on top of the situation. I’m very grateful for his wonderful job. He helped me and my family a lot. If you need a good criminal lawyer for a fair price and a very honest person, don’t hesitate to contact Ken.

Abogado contratado

Publicado por Bryan Disbrow

I hired Darryl Smith on a whim in a courthouse lobby and he quickly took the reins of the court situation and made great things happen. I was helping a friend who had been severely let down by a bad performance Public Defender (she couldn't ever remember his name and ONLY offered him prison time). Darryl methodically walked us through the system and the end result was incredible. My friend kept his freedom and only had to pay a fine. HIRING DARRYL WAS THE SMARTEST THING WE DID!! I can't thank him enough for his professionalism and calm demeanor. I would hire him 100 times over if I had to...THANK YOU DARRYL SMITH!

Abogado contratado

Publicado por Eddy Tolentino

Extremely satisfy with the professionalism, dedication and attention of details. Mr. Eulo is a very accesible attorney that prove care is on the action rather then just a word. They have a effective process, open communication and affordable fee. Normally being young could be a negative factor but in this case is the opposite because he can relate and apply his extensive knowledge to real life scenarios for the best outcome.. Trust them with you eye closed and they with open them with kind and helpful service ...

Abogado contratado

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