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Town West, Texas


2500 East TC Jester Boulevard #525, Houston

Town West, Texas

(713) 864-1941


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2500 East TC Jester Boulevard #525, Houston. Town West, Texas

(713) 864-1941


Publicado por Michael Blevins

Best experience at a law firm you could hope for. James and Wendy not only did an amazing job, you can tell they truly care about their clients and strive to give their best for them. They also have a very eloquent office space. Thank you so much!

Abogado contratado

Publicado por Maneni

Last February, I was hit by a vehicle as I was crossing the street. I searched for an attorney who could guide me through all the intricacies of the insurance realm and found the very highly rated Amaro Law Firm. My experience with this law firm over the past year and a half, unfortunately was not a five-star experience. My case was managed by FOUR different case managers, two of which kept urging me to settle on the initial offer made by the insurance company. I went against their advice and even the advice of one of the attorneys and waited it out hoping the insurance company would raise their offer on their own (because my case managers couldn't be bothered and/or were too inexperienced to fight for my case). Mysteriously, these case managers would disappear after being MIA for weeks before when I'd call for updates and reassurance. I was told the first two had medical issues, but I had formally complained about their lack of communication before and the office was unwilling to do anything about it. At some point, I had to ask if I could be assigned a different case manager because she was THAT apathetic to my case. (The following replacement wasn't much of an improvement) Fortunately, one of the case managers I had wasn't entirely useless. The only reason why I'm not in DEBT for getting HIT BY A CAR WHILE ON A CROSSWALK (which quite honestly, seems like an open-shut case where both the law firm and myself could end up great), is because my third case manager named, Donna (bless her heart) was experienced and took initiative in calling the company and talking to everyone she could. She managed to DOUBLE the offer in the span of a couple of weeks. Everyone else I spoke to at this office very obviously feigned interest in my case and would have rather I settled as soon as I could. I will not pretend I know anything about legalities and insurance, but I will say that this law firm seemed to constantly have new case managers and paralegals who knew they were going to have a temporary stay so it seemed they gave minimum effort. Their was a general air of apathy and lack of compassion, and worst of all little to no motivation to fight for my case. If I could do it over again, I can honestly say I would choose a different law firm.

Abogado contratado

Publicado por Miles Eiswirth

I have never used a law firm in the the past until I was hit by a uninsured motorist. I started to use a law firm that was popular on the radio and shortly had to fire them. I found Amaro Law firm on Google and based on the reviews I decided to have them represent me. The communication and professionalism was a 15 out of 10. The settlement they got me was more than the standard 33% that most firms offer too. I would highly recommend Amaro Law firm to anyone in need.

Abogado contratado

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