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Slick, Oklahoma


427 South Boston Avenue #402, Tulsa

Slick, Oklahoma

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427 South Boston Avenue #402, Tulsa. Slick, Oklahoma

(918) 398-5692


Publicado por Stephanie

Absolutely professional, ethical, honest and hard-working! The Hensley legal team works hand in hand with each other to cover all bases and make sure that all questions and communication is handled in a very timely fashion which in turn takes much pressure and stress off of the client. Each and every person that we have communicated with in the office has been extremely personable and very professional as well as helpful! Between the hard-working paralegals, the administrative staff and Jeff and Thomas, the client has a gold mine of legal knowledge and professionalism handling they're very personal and trying situations. The mixture of their professionalism entwined with their honesty and integrity puts the Hensley legal team in a field of their own! From our personal experience, it is almost impossible to find an attorney with all of these traits. It's very nice knowing that we actually have Attorneys who truly care about the law and about people more then they care about money. It's been our experience that this is very hard to find! At this point I would highly recommend Hensley Legal Services to anyone and everyone involved in a divorce or custody case! I will post an update in the near future.

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Publicado por Rachel Pringle

Jeff Hensley isn't someone I would ever recommend. He took on my case in 2014. He talks a big game but is absolutely horrible in court. He just kept taking money and not progressing with Anything. He wouldn't return phone calls or answer any questions. He even wanted to remove himself from my case after starting. If it wasnt for his determind assistant attorney I would be in court another 10 years. Jeff had my divorce for 3 years. His assistant attorney Mr. Thomas Ryan had it finished in three months. Jeff will not answer questions, he will not go with what you want. He will go with the opposing counsel Against you. RUN and never hire this attorney. I still owe money that I should not. A response to Jeffs response. Yes I quit paying my bill after threaten for withdrawal from my case. My case was just finalized by Thomas Ryan 4.8.17. Why should I pay for something that never got done and ignored. I never once stopped communicating. I was just ignored. RUN RUN RUN RUN people run from this law firm.

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Publicado por cornbread301

Jeff is a very good lawyer, there will be times during this process when you don't understand what he is doing but let me tell you he is an absolute pro at what he does. Hands down the best custody lawyer around.

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