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Licenciado en Bancarrota, Lesiones personales

Olympia, Washington


5800 Soundview Drive c, Gig Harbor

Olympia, Washington

(253) 509-0625


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5800 Soundview Drive c, Gig Harbor. Olympia, Washington

(253) 509-0625


Publicado por Kenneth Feucht

I had an excellent experience with Mr. Sukhia from Gig Harbor Law in rewriting family wills and power of attorney documents. Nate was very fair, honest, informed, and eager to do a satisfying job of fulfilling our legal documentary needs. I will definitely use him again for legal needs.

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Publicado por thomas` matison

Nathan and Anna handled a very complex, in depth mortgage issue involving a quiet title action for me. This issue had plagued me for many years. Once retained, they hit the ground running, sifting through the many legal issues involving this matter with professionalism and expertise and they quickly settled my case to my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend them

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Publicado por phil lewis

Our family suffered the loss of a loved one in a tragedy, and we contacted Nathan Sukhia at Gig Harbor Law for help. After an initial review of the facts, one of the first things he did was recommend we team up with another firm with extensive experience and success with this sort of case. During the entire process, we were very pleased with the level of expertise, professionalism, sensitivity, and communications. We recently settled the case, and we are very pleased with the outcome. We heartily recommend Gig Harbor Law. We are confident Nathan and his team were able to win the best possible settlement.

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