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Day Ketterer Ltd

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Licenciado en Seguro Social, Trabajo y Empleo, Bienes Raices, Ancianos

Ravenna, Ohio


200 Market Avenue North Suite 300, Canton

Ravenna, Ohio

(330) 455-0173


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200 Market Avenue North Suite 300, Canton. Ravenna, Ohio

(330) 455-0173


Publicado por gary henry

Was told that they would help with a problem we had an we got handed down to a different Attorney who left the firm an then we were told that they didn't have time for us because they got a bigger case. Over 800 dollaran nothing to show for it. We used them one other time but the attorney left to go to work for Buckingham Dolittle, Jude Strub who is a great attorney an a good person.

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Publicado por Michael Stuhldreher

OverbI'll ed me 5000, did nothing, charged me 7500 for 3 ten minute hearings and one motion. And you have ZERO contact with your atty, and it's a different atty everytime there's a hearing. They are clueless, they will squeeze every dime from you, do nothing, and lose your case. AWFUL LAW FIRM! IF THAT'S WHAT THEY CALL THEMSELVES!!

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Publicado por Jill Jones

They are honest, professional, and are very helpful! I would recommend them to other people!!

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Abogado Patrick  Merrick

Patrick Merrick

Abogado de Seguro Social, Lesiones personales, Litigios, Trabajo y Empleo

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