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Licenciado en Lesiones personales, Trabajo y Empleo, Impuestos, Derechos Civiles

Charleston, West Virginia


2438 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston

Charleston, West Virginia

(304) 346-0464


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2438 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston. Charleston, West Virginia

(304) 346-0464


Publicado por Renee Pepe

My experience with Heavens Law Firm went above and beyond my expectations. They not only handled my claim, they were there for whatever I needed. My emails were answered promptly and I was informed every step of the way. Working with them this past year I've seen that they truly care for the client's well being. I will recommend them to everyone...thank you all for being there for me!!!!

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Publicado por Len

I contacted Heavens Law after a Slip & Fall at Harrah's Philadelphia Casino. I explained the situation to an intake person the next morning. I was told that they would be in contact that day or the next. I contacted them 3 more times telling them no one got back to me. Finally after 2 weeks I was called and told the attorney was busy with another case and couldn't take my case. Then I said, "you mean Chris doesn't want to take my case" the person replied yes. I guess there wasn't enough money in it for them. Take my advice - don't waste your time with Heavens Law. Go to an attorney that respects you as a client and gets back to you quickly.

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Publicado por Susan Dixon

My husband was in an auto accident while working in PA, we live in another state, and found that in order to recoup the medical expenses incurred, we would need representation. Heavens Law Firm walked us through the entire process, and was successful in settling everything. We are very grateful.

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