The Cochran Firm Memphis

The Cochran Firm Memphis
The Cochran Firm Memphis

Licenciado en Bienes Raices, Seguro Social, Familia, Trabajo y Empleo, Bancarrota, Derechos Civiles, Lesiones personales, Defensa Criminal, Negocios

1 Commerce Square #1700, Memphis. Earle, Arkansas

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Publicado por TazLGBT Boss
a month ago

The cochran firm just cant help with no type of cases these people are losers

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Publicado por Sherri Bowen-Green
4 months ago

Beautiful office. Unfortunately nothing they could asst me with

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Publicado por Lexi Komodo
7 months ago

I wouldn't refer anyone to this firm... they're LIARS and if it was left up to me, they would receive a 0 star. GTFOHWTBS!!!!

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Publicado por Jazz Campbell
a year ago

Sooo i usually don't do this but I am very disappointed in the Cochran law firm. I called and gave a 45 min spill on my accident. The intake lady I spoke with was very nice and she seemed to understand the frustration of the accident...I was told that I would have an attorney contact me asap...two days went by so I decided to call to see what was the hold up and another lady goes on to tell me she can't find a file for me at all. Such a disappointment and I really had high hopes for getting my case together and settled with them but that was a bad sign for me and I'm a person that is on top of my business and they didn't seem to be...very nice, but I will have to go with another law firm that will be on top of the game!

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Publicado por Anita Tipton
3 years ago

Dear Cochran firm since your firm, Johny Cochran, OJ Simpson, MLK, Kid President, as well as a list of other racial remarks were constantly brought up in my speech class, then I just decided to e-mail you all a review. Spring term is finally over at Dyersburg State Community College in Covington, Tennessee, 38019.I am having financial aid problems, I see e-mails about aid coming to the school for me but I can't seem to get the money into my bank account. FAFSA, TSAC, and Lannon Memorial scholarships, I made an A, B C, and AU on the four classes that I took. They seem to be racist, but they are so clever that I don't have enough physical proof, just mental tuition, and insinuations. Mental anguish, negative programs... In speech class, the white students would speak on , " Negro slaves in the little league " or " It's unfair for the government to pay for students college, when other students have to pay out of their own pocket", Money for spring term won't be released until fall registration so maybe I will get what is due to me then, I even applied for a loan to go to summer school and got denied. The Speech instructor brought you all as well as other blacks names up in her daily lectures, she said she just love the way black people speek, they have such good body gestures and facial expressions. Almst eveyday we would watch kid president on utube in class, spring term is over so I guess no harm was done, Ipassed her class with a C. Thank you, A.T.

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