Abogado Law Office Of Daniel Corno

Law Office Of Daniel Corno

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Licenciado en Familia, Lesiones personales

Hidden Echo, Texas


1535 Richey Street, Pasadena

Hidden Echo, Texas

(832) 767-2922


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1535 Richey Street, Pasadena

Hidden Echo, Texas

(832) 767-2922


Publicado por Angela Quiroz

Daniel Corno was such an amazing lawyer. He keeps his word and does what he tells us! He helped out my family a lot and after he said that he would still help us out if we needed anything. Very respectful!!

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Publicado por Cody Martinson

Daniel is excellent! He's handled many issues for me, mostly tickets. He's very knowledgeable. He treats me like family. I've used him for many years and will use him for life. He helps resolve the issue, and way better than I ever could myself. He thoroughly explains everything and his fees are very reasonable. Highly recommend him and his staff.

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Publicado por Norma Lopez

I hired the lawyer Daniel Corno for a criminal case in which he helped me get out on bond. Once I was out he stated I would be charged $3,000 for him to represen me at my next court, and that I would be receiving 2 years in jail because I wasn’t such a “palomita blanca” or in english, innocent. Those were his exact words which is why I decided to look for another lawyer. I found a firm which did fight my case and believed in me. I only served 2 weekends. I do think he only wanted my money without actually fighting for my case.

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