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Pioneer Village, Kentucky


815 John Harper Highway # 6, Shepherdsville

Pioneer Village, Kentucky

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815 John Harper Highway # 6, Shepherdsville. Pioneer Village, Kentucky

(502) 955-1005


Publicado por Laura Starr

My mother lived out of state and required nursing home placement. I didn't want her to be placed in a nursing home 7 hours away and tried to find a facility closer to me. Because of insurance, I could not find any facility here in KY that would accept her and I just didn't know what to do. I met with Emily and her team and they explained what they could do for my mother, but I was skeptical and a bit worried about hiring them. Looking back, I could NOT have done this without them. Vanessa, their Social Worker, was able to assist me in finding a nursing facility that would accept my mother as a patient. And even once my mom got down here, and I was struggling with her placement, she was always there to assist. Once she even called me up and just said, "tell me what you want me to do for you". She is a very compassionate and caring person. Once down here, I had to worry about the financial aspect of placement. I had no idea what to do with everything my mother owned, or how to begin applying for Medicaid. They handled it completely for me. Kathleen, who works in the office, kept me current on everything I needed to gather for the Medicaid application. All I had to do was get all the documentation ready and email it to her. She was always so kind and patient with me. Emily handled any legal questions that I had, and was literally just a phone call away if I needed to talk to her. She is very easy to talk to and truly cares about her clients. She goes that extra step when it is needed the most. My mother was put on hospice a few months after she arrived and while talking to Emily about this, I mentioned that I had questions about the bill from the facility. Emily literally said, "You have enough to deal with right now, let us handle this". What a blessing at such an critical time. All of the information was sent to Mike, who works with any financial issues that come up and he literally "handled it". Mike is another valuable member of the team that is also very easy to work with. As registered nurse myself, who worked in long term care for 15 years, I never dreamed how difficult it would be to put a loved one into a facility. Not only is there a financial aspect that is complicated and confusing, there is an emotional aspect that is even harder to deal with. I was struggling and could not deal with both. Emily and her team helped me to get through it, and more importantly, gave me the ability to spend more time with my mother and ensure she has everything she needs. Hiring Elder Law Solutions was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They were a blessing to have at my side through this transition.

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Publicado por Melanie Miles

Very expensive wanted 10000 for 1 year of looking into VA benefits and to fill out paper work. I work at the VA and think this is way too high to manage paperwork and forms for VA spouse to determine benefits. Very sad out elderly are being taken advantage of. Most veterans and spouses can't afford these rates. Seems like elder abuse to me.

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