Abogado Katsuranis & Rodriguez, Attorneys at Law

Katsuranis & Rodriguez, Attorneys at Law

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Hayward, California


524 7th Street, Oakland

Hayward, California

(510) 504-2030


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524 7th Street, Oakland. Hayward, California

(510) 504-2030


Publicado por Johnny Wong

Francisco was recommend to me by a buddy of mine. Two tickets, both dismissed! Pros: -Able to take on my case, even though there was only 1 weeks left until my trial was due -No hassle, give him the ticket, pay him, he'll take care of the rest. At most he'll just ask you to mail him letters from the court as you receive them -Very friendly and easy to talk to, educates you on the system, how it works, and what you should do in event that you do get pulled over once again Cons: -None really, but to be thorough, I would have to say it's pricey, but then again, what lawyer isn't? In the end, the money paid to Francisco is well worth it, as a point on the record would've costed me A LOT more. A month after the dismissal of my tickets, my uncle got a speeding ticket.. needless to say, that ticket along with a check immediately went to Francisco. Top notch lawyer. You won't be disappointed.

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