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Licenciado en Familia, Testamentos, Litigios, Negocios, Impuestos

Hendersonville, North Carolina


11 North Market Street, Asheville

Hendersonville, North Carolina

(828) 475-8855


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11 North Market Street, Asheville. Hendersonville, North Carolina

(828) 475-8855


Publicado por Patrick McMenamin

Now I’ll start off saying I must have been in the wrong (although with the confusing signage I doubt it could’ve been any other way) but these folks here have zero decency. I went to meet a client at the building across the street from the law firm and parked in the adjacent lot. (The lot is connected to the building I was in) To see about doing some work for a local business. Apparently there is someone working in the law firm who’s job is to watch out the window and have people towed from the lot across the street. (Tow truck guy explained this to me) Funny thing is my phone number is plastered on the side of my vehicle. This also happens to be the firm to represent the mayor?Anyway zero courtesy 1/10

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Publicado por Greg Catevenis

Larger firm with attorneys in multiple specialties. Lindsay Thompson & Larry Harris do great work for us in Real Estate & General Business respectively on a consistent basis. Our business has benefited by having an existing relationship with a firm that has attorneys in areas we use less often, but occasionally need. For Real Estate work Lindsay Thompson has been especially good at closing complicated matters, and is the most responsive attorney we have worked with.

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Publicado por Barbara Klein

Lindsay Parris Thompson, Esquire. She is all we need to sell and purchase commercial real estate. Professional, knowledgeable, personable, reliable in following through with all details for a successful, timely, easy-on-the-client transaction. If it is out of her jurisdiction, The Van Winkle Law Firm has referred us to top-notch professionals in other areas of the country. Perfection.

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