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Licenciado en Defensa Criminal, Derechos Civiles, Familia, Practica General

Obetz, Ohio


501 South High Street, Columbus

Obetz, Ohio

(614) 444-1900


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501 South High Street, Columbus. Obetz, Ohio

(614) 444-1900


Publicado por Gabriella Gafni

Brian Joslyn is the quintessential definition of "lawyer" and, at the same time, defies the stereotypes and labels often assigned to legal practitioners. With a combination of keen intellect, heart, and a hard-work ethic, Brian and his staff are there for their clients 24/7, always willing to listen, counsel, and achieve the best outcomes on their behalf. Angela Joslyn deserves special mention for her ability to field inquiries and serve as Comforter in Chief, employing her incomparable people skills for the benefit of all parties involved. I highly commend Brian, Angie, and the Joslyn Law Firm staff.

Abogado contratado

Publicado por R. B.

Brian is a great dude. Made himself available on a weekend when I was balled up. He did everything youd want a lawyer to do. All the bad stuff disappeared. More than that, though, he connects with his clients on a personal level. He's an easy going guy. He knows how to break down the byzantine legal process for the layperson and will make sure you understand. When it comes to your permanent record, you want to make sure you have the best people on your team. Brian will not only won't let you down, but he'll exceed your expectations.

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Publicado por Yana Kalyanova

My business partner got in a very unpleasant situation and was accused of burglary with gun specification. After reading multiple reviews about Brian's firm, we decided to hire him as my partner's attorney. And we never regret it. Brian was very attentive, supportive and up front throughout the whole process. His professionalism and honesty helped my partner to fully realize potential outcomes and risks. In addition, Brian has charming personality and great sense of humor, which helped to convince prosecutor and even judge that my partner was wrongfully accused. The case was closed. Moreover, Brian was able to reduce felony to misdemeanor and remove gun specification. Outstanding job, Brian! If future will challenge me with criminal charge, you are my attorney to use!!

Abogado contratado

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