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North Atlanta (North Atlanta), Georgia


3355 Lenox Road Northeast #600, Atlanta

North Atlanta (North Atlanta), Georgia

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3355 Lenox Road Northeast #600, Atlanta. North Atlanta (North Atlanta), Georgia

(404) 504-7090


Publicado por Isiah Q. Lyles Sr

The Kent's are awesome. It has been several months after my discharge and they still answer any questions that I still have. They were very professional yet personable. I always thought lawyers were stuffy and blah. Both Howard and Robert are down to earth. They stay by your side throughout the whole bankruptcy process. And when the 341 meeting takes place one of them is there at the court house to be by your side. It has been a pleasure to have them on my side. If you are looking into doing a bankruptcy then look no further. I know it sounds like an advertisement for them but I can honestly say they put me at ease and that's not easy to do. So I can say without a doubt try them and you won't be taken for a ride. I am now pretty much debt free. I already have an unsecure credit card and keeping the debt low and manageable . My credit score has already jumped up a hundred points. I am stress free from debt collectors and no more worries financially. It has been truly a learning experience. That I hope never has to be repeated. Thanks Robert and Howard for all your hard work.

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Publicado por Rory Rose

After a minor car accident left my husband without a job and Safe Transportation, we naturally got behind on our credit cards and things started to mushroom. It didn't take long and we started getting notice in the mail that our debt was going to be transferred to a bankruptcy attorney. So on top of the car and job stress we now were worried about being taken to court over our debt. That's when we decided it was time to consult a lawyer to see what our options were. I immediately went to Google and looked for high rated bankruptcy attorneys in our area and one of the first options that popped up was the Kent Law Firm. I read the reviews and based on those they sounded like the kind of people that could answer the questions that were plaguing us. It was definitely the best decision for us. They answered every question we could have possibly needed answered and then some. They explained the whole process and what we would qualify for based on our household. They took an extremely stressful situation with a lot of unknowns and made us feel so much more comfortable and armed with information to make the right decision for us. On top of that we felt like the Kent's are really good, kind and caring people. They helped to allay our concerns and to help us to understand that we were not the only people going through this and that it was not uncommon for people like us to get caught in a situation where we had no other choices. They also made it extremely easy for us to get through the process. Although there was a lot of work involved and paperwork we couldn't have imagined doing it without their help. Now that the process is over and we are moving on we are so glad that the Kent law firm popped up in Google! If you're having any doubts about filing for bankruptcy or whether or not you could qualify, don't hesitate to contact the Kent's! They were more than just a big help, they were the answer to our problem!

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Publicado por D Horne

I can't say enough about this law firm. There is no other place I would trust with helping me get things back on track. Very thorough, professional, and the nicest, friendliest lawyers I've ever met. They kept me calm and explained everything. I'm so glad I chose The Kents!!!

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