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Trooper, Pennsylvania

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211 North 13th Street #801, Philadelphia. Trooper, Pennsylvania

(267) 758-2228


Publicado por Breana Jennings

Nice reviews. It’s kind of upsetting how the majority of the reviews are positive and 5 star ratings, wow you people must have been very important or priority to this Lawyer. I don’t want to write a negative post but I wanted to post a truthful one from personal experience. I should have search more for a top defense attorney, I chose Fishman based on the great reviews, and thought my case will be priority as well like all of you but we were wrong. Two days after catching our case I hired Fishman. Paid him $750 to start my case. After paying this man he never followed up, or kept the family updated on the case. We left tons of messages for his assistant who is also very inconsistent and also doesn’t return calls, never received a call back. $750 down the drain, Fishman had a whole month to prepare prior to trial, to obtain all discovery and ensure our family that he will try to get the Earliest Date Possible but got us a trial date for 2 months out. Not to mention, after acknowledging that our court date was two months out We contacted the office right away, knowing our frustration the assistant should have been more understanding but she wasn’t. She specifically told us we cannot not call the office with a attitude basically, as if I didn’t pay this man $750 to start a misdemeanor case. Oh, it’s been weeks since pre trail still no call from Fishman. My family and I were fed up, but we kept our heads held high and scramble extra money to hire A new lawyer, so far he’s followed up consistently about our case and we feel at ease. With all of his clients we feel priority also. Our new Lawyer is actually doing what he was paid to do and he is a highly respected. Please do not let my review stop you from hiring lawyer in Philadelphia. I just wanted to give my honest review since the majority of the reviews are extremely positive and it doesn’t make any sense to me at all. I am very disappointed in this Law Office, no I would not directly recommend anyone to spend hard earned money to a lawyer who doesn’t return calls or messages. Personally I feel as though a Public Defender would’ve did more than Fishman, but then again this is just my experience yours could possibly be different. My advice is to do your research meet with other lawyers , and never never never pay all up front, because you could be my family in this situation. Hopefully I helped a honest hardworking family out. Our new lawyer is great if your looking for a Top Philadelphia Defense Attorney !

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Publicado por Scott M

Brian represented me last week against false criminal charges brought against me in Philadelphia. The two complainants wove a false narrative, perjuring and lying to the court and judge from the moment they opened their mouths to testify. At one point, Brian wanted to introduce evidence against the plaintiffs that the judge would not allow....even though Brian cited case law allowing this evidence to be seen/heard. The judge actually directed his assistant to call a bailiff to remove/arrest Brian from the room, because Brian WOULD NOT back down. This is the kind of attorney you get when you hire Brian. He is passionate in his defense, and most definitely smarter than the 'other side'. I hope I never need a criminal defense attorney again in my life, but if you him now. He's the best. S--

Abogado contratado

Publicado por Kristina DiMonte

Brian Fishman was referred to us by people on the 'inside' whom have worked with Mr. Fishman in the past. Being brand new to the 'system' and out of state- I had reservations. I looked up Mr. Fishmans reviews and gave him a call. After receiving a free consultation, that was not a 'wham bam thank you ma'am' - Mr. Fishman took time to explain how proceedings worked, and even offered information to me that I didn't even think to ask. He was very clear and confident about the information he was giving me and even gave me alternative options other then hiring himself (Public defender/ how bail options worked etc.) I didn't feel like I was being 'sold'. I had spoken to several attorneys prior to him, but after speaking to him was more then satisfied. Mr. Fishman told me what time to expect him at every court date, followed up with e-mail reminders for the next proceeding (court times, rooms, dates). We never waited longer then 24 hours for a return call/email. Over the months Mr. Fishman became like family. Someone just to console me when I felt overwhelmed with my loved one on the inside wanting to get out faster then the system allowed. He was always understanding and sensitive to OUR situation. After all was said and done over the last year, we were never made promises for outcomes, and Brian went above and beyond REACHING to get us the best outcome for our circumstance. "Sometimes winning - is less losing". I would recommend Brian to anyone who is looking for that straight forward, give it to you honest, no sugar coating, fight for you tooth and nail, demands respect type of lawyer. Thank you for your honesty, compassion, availability, and time. We thank you for what you were able to do for us. God Bless

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