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Eagle, Wisconsin


933 North Mayfair Road #200, Milwaukee

Eagle, Wisconsin

(414) 456-1111


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933 North Mayfair Road #200, Milwaukee. Eagle, Wisconsin

(414) 456-1111


Publicado por kimberly Graab

After a reckless driver plowed into my car at a very high speed in a 25 mph residential area, Evan from action law offices was able to help me get the money I needed to fix my car by holding the reckless drivers insurance company accountable for the damages. They came out to my home after the accident and were so professional, understanding of Wisconsin laws and helpful. I would highly recommend Action law offices to anyone in need of a amazing attorney. Thank you again!

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Publicado por Diana Vincent

After I had a terrible fall at one of our local hospital parking garages which I felt was due to a lack of proper maintenance, my injuries were substantial. At that time, I felt it necessary to contact a reputable legal firm. I selected Action Law Office and dealt with Patrick Bertrandt. I was totally impressed by his knowledge, care and consideration of what had actually transpired.. I was always "in the loop" and my thoughts and ideas were always taken seriously. i am highly recommending Action Law Offices and I know, you will not be disappointed. Carole L.

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Publicado por Mary Atkinson

How wonderful to have the privilege of working with Attorney Michael Leffler for the second time in my life. In 1997, I was rear-ended by a driver in Whitefish Bay. He represented us then and got a great settlement. This go round, I had a slip and fall in which I was knocked out, and Attorney Leffler did it again, even though slip and fall cases are not as cut and dried as the car accident was. You will be happy with Action Law Offices’ work.

Abogado contratado

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