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The Cohn Law Firm

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Licenciado en Familia, Bancarrota, Derechos Civiles, Defensa Criminal

Atoka, Tennessee


291 Germantown Bend Cove, Cordova

Atoka, Tennessee

(901) 757-5557


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291 Germantown Bend Cove, Cordova. Atoka, Tennessee

(901) 757-5557


Publicado por Darrell Kieler

Mr Cohn and his staff are very helpful and understanding. Mr Cohn is working on some legal issue for me his staff knows there business.

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Publicado por Brandi Trice

Mr. Cohn was ok. His assistant on the other hand was not. Never doubted her ability but her people skills were less than desirable and that is reason enough not to recommend this law firm.

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Publicado por Baby GirL

Southern hospitality at its finest. I was pleased with the professionalism of everyone i encountered with the firm during my divorce. Honest,Affordable and very fast response time. Even more than 10 years later, after trying all of the governmental and vital records, Mr. Cohn immediately helped me within the one phone call. I highly recommend him!

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