Crocker Law Firm

Crocker Law Firm
Crocker Law Firm

Licenciado en Negocios, Practica General, Lesiones personales

520 East Main Avenue, Bowling Green. Dogwalk, Kentucky

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Publicado por Casey Winfield-Smith
a month ago

Absolutely loved them! They worked to the best of their ability and broke it down for me to easily understand. They were very nice and responded quickly as well. Highly recommend!

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Publicado por Emma R
3 months ago

Words will never be enough to say how thankful I am for the help from this law firm! I was always updated as soon as they knew anything. If I called someone always answer. If I email them within five minutes I got immediate response. The most friendliest family owned business ever! So grateful for this group of people!

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Publicado por Kate Kaplin
3 weeks ago

This firm has treated my family with so much love. They told me they first went to Flora Stuart in town and was met with disinterest and rudeness. They wrre in such pain and I told them to find another lawyer. Crocker was so sweet to them. Do not waste your time with that other "firm" Crocker will treat you like family. Not like your a poor hillbilly like what we hears flora call us. She said we were backwards and from cow country. Thank you Crocker Law Firm for takimg care of my family.

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