Ritchie Kim

Ritchie Kim
Ritchie Kim

Licenciado en Familia, Bienes Raices, Testamentos, Lesiones personales, Defensa Criminal

21 North Vann Street, Pryor. Vinita, Oklahoma

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Publicado por Robert Smith
a week ago

My name is Robert Smith. I had a house fire, after several months of being bullied and misled by the insurance carrier, I contacted Ritchie, Rock & McBride. I was given an appointment within 2 business days, Mr. Chase McBride spoke to me of all the happenings with my home loss and the tactics of the insurance company. With one letter to the insurance company, the claim was approved and the stress of dealing with them gone. My case is ongoing but where my insurance company was taking advantage of me, now things are moving forward. Chase and all the people in the firm always have time to speak with me, they have empathy and sincerity. Anyone who's dealt with big insurance and had a claim of any kind will understand that insurance dictates our coverage and then when a tragedy happens, they act like it's a negotiation and rather than give you what you payed for, they give you as little as possible. The team at Ritchie, Rock & McBride make sure you get what you paid for. You will also find refreshing their pay structure it is flexible starting low and progress to more if you actually have to go to court. So they make sure you and I keep more of our money. In closing, I Highly recommend Ritchie, Rock & McBride to anyone who needs legal counsel.

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Publicado por Mayes County Propane
in the last week

We have used Ritchie Law for many issues over the years, business and personal. I would recommend them for most any legal matter you need assistance with.

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Publicado por F I S
5 months ago

If I were to consider hiring a lawyer I would ask about results achieved as well as cost of expenses (copies, travel, expert witnesses, postage, etc.). I would also ask for a copy of the Contract of Employment to review at my leisure before signing up with the lawyer. In my opinion, using Mr. Ritchie was one of the most expensive mistakes I've made in my life, and it caused me a lot of unnecessary stress, worry, and aggravation. I thank God I never have to see, speak to, or listen to this attorney ever again, because I personally don't believe anything he says.

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Publicado por Janie Goforth
a year ago

This lawyer is one of the best. He talks to you explains things to you and how it all works. Overall a great experience. THANK YOU TO ALL OF THIS TEAM

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