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2821 Duke Street, Alexandria. Falls Church, Virginia

(703) 926-3900


Publicado por Omid Naghshineh

I was charged with Reckless Driving in Fairfax County VA. I had initially been working with another attorney, but got sick of the poor communication and fear tactics she used. On the Friday before my Monday trial, I reached out to Mr. Bose and requested he represent me on my court day. It was a miracle that he even accepted, but what really made an impact was the way he approached the situation. His demeanor was calm and reassuring as he walked me through what I would be facing on that Monday, and the potential outcomes and their consequences. Although I was facing jail time, license suspension, and more, he communicated this in such a way that was concise, and free of either sugar-coating or fear tactics. Ultimately, I left court on Monday with a simple speeding ticket. I can not recommend Mr. Bose highly enough, not only for his knowledge, but also for his best-in-class customer service.

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Publicado por Kenneth Craft

Attorney Bose is the best plain and simple. He works for his clients and gets results. I highly recommend him b/c he goes the distance for his clients.

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Publicado por Kat Tamara

IF YOU NEED A LAWYER, BOSE IS YOUR WARRIOR! I'm a person that always tries to follow the rules, doesn't cut in line, and always makes an effort to have a good moral compass. One night I made a devastating mistake. One that I was sure was going to drastically alter where my future was going. I was charged with a DUI, hit and run, obstruction of justice, refusal to blow, and no proof of insurance. I was taken to jail for the first time in my life. My cuff's were so tight that 4 months later I still have no feeling in my pinkies and thumbs. While the bruised have faded, my charges remained very real. Through a personal friend I was told to contact Mr. Bose as soon as possible. I called him as soon as I was released to set up a time to meet. He called me back immediately and set up a meeting the very next day. Even though I arrived late, he was still able to fit me in to his schedule. He closely looked at the charges I was facing, calmly asked me what my side of the situation was, and thoroughly explained what I was facing. The question that captured me was, "what do you want the outcome to be of this?" He genuinely cared about what I wanted to happen. Fast-forward to the day of my trial. Mr. Bose came to find me, we walked and talked. He assured me that it was not looking good for me, as my behavior had earned me so many charges. But, he had come up with a plan to take good care of me no matter what. As I anxiously awaited to be called for trial, he pulled me aside to tell me what things were looking like. I was very confused. I thought that going to trial was the only way to resolve things. Turns out, DUI- now a reckless driving, obstruction of justice- now disorderly conduct, refusing to blow- dropped, no proof of insurance- dropped, hit and run- stands but pleading not guilty. The night that I thought would ruin my career, destroy my family ties, break up my engagement, turned out to not be the worst day of my life. Because of Mr. Bose's background in law enforcement and exponential knowledge of the law, we were able to bypass trial all together. My final outcome came down to 6 months of restricted driving, $250 fine (reduced from $500), and court fees. If results is what you need for your situation, there is no better attorney then Sudeep Bose. Trust me, he's a godsend to law!

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