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Licenciado en Lesiones personales, Seguro Social, Familia

Wilsons Mills, North Carolina


3301 Benson Drive #120, Raleigh

Wilsons Mills, North Carolina

(919) 785-5000


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3301 Benson Drive #120, Raleigh. Wilsons Mills, North Carolina

(919) 785-5000


Publicado por Carson Godwin

The Whitley Law Firm is the best law firm in North Carolina. Ben Whitley is an outstanding lawyer that always makes sure that his clients have a full understanding of their current situation, what to expect, and is available to speak with most anytime. He has a hard working staff and I was very fortunate to have Joselyn on my side as well. She was very helpful anytime I needed her and always responded in a timely matter. Professionalism and dedication is what I experienced with the Whitley Law Firm and would recommend them to anyone who needed legal counsel.

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Publicado por Cindy Dickerson

Mr. Bob Whitley was phenomenal from the start. He and his associates (especially Attorney Anne Ochsner!) are extremely well-versed in the law, and obviously have earned much respect with the insurance companies. Mr. Whitley and his firm (especially Krystle Bond!) worked hard for us and kept us updated throughout the life of our case. We received the very best outcome possible, and we are so grateful we chose them to represent us!

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Publicado por AstrideTheWind

An incredible, dedicated group of people that stand by your side when you need them. I know they helped me in my worker's compensation situation to get the care I needed. I highly recommend this law group!

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