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Valle Crucis, North Carolina


870 West King Street Suite B, Boone

Valle Crucis, North Carolina

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870 West King Street Suite B, Boone. Valle Crucis, North Carolina

(828) 264-4734


Publicado por Suzanna Rice

We went for a consultation to buy land from a for sale by owner deal. 3 weeks later no one on either side heard from them. I left many voice mails and emails. Finally I just left a voicemail saying we if they did not want to help that was fine just let us know so we could move on with the land somewhere else. This was another 3 weeks ago and we still have not heard anything. I guess they didn't want our money for closing

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Publicado por David Bradley

Phillip Ginn, formerly Judge Phillip Ginn, was reported to the NC Judicial Standards Commission for what I believe was unethical conduct, by myself several years ago. In addition, after watching him criticize a female Haywood County in open court and then telephone her with an intimidating call according to her,, she told me that he was prejudice against female attorneys, as were many of the Judges. I am a Certified Department of Justice Instructor. I am writing specific to Phillip Ginn, and not any other member of this law firm. His rulings were often overturned upon appeal. I feel he was very unfair and unethical in my experiences with him. I would not want him as an attorney.

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Publicado por Keith Kuhn

Our family has utilized the expertise of this firm for real estate transactions several times. They are customer service oriented and respond quickly to questions. We have always been pleased by the service we are provided. Highly recommend Mr. Deal.

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