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Consumers are turning to review sites on the Internet to research attorneys and hire a lawyer based on their number of positive reviews. They can get a feeling for the attorney’s experience and customer service, based on the good and negative feedback posted by other clients.

One-Click Reviews (Email & Texts)

ListaLegal’s online review platform automates customer feedback with a one-click process, so you can focus on running your legal firm. We ask your customer about their experience with you via a branded email or text. Lista Legal makes it simple for your customer to leave you a review – whether its on Google, Facebook, Yelp or any other review site!

Filter Out Negative Reviews

Our system qualifies how happy clients are before we ask them to post a review online, protecting your reputation and gatherig negative feedback so you can address problems before they scalate.

A.I. Chatbot for Attorneys

With Lista Legal's A.I. bot for attorneys you can automatically get prospect customers' information and qualify them, respond to trivial questions like: what's your office address?, how do I get there?, what are your hours?, phone number, make an appointment, etc.

Automatically answer repetitive questions 24/7

Our A.I. chatbot will free your hands from many trivial tasks that consume your time every single day. Answer many repetitive questions from your clients directly on your website. Clients can get answers to questions like:

What's your office address?

What are your hours?

How do I get there?

Automatically catch and qualify prospect clients.

With the advances of A.I., our chatbot for attorneys can automatically get customers' information and qualify them. We can send you an automatic notification when the customer has a good case and schedule an appointment automatically.

"Marketing is one thing off my list. Lista Legal built a strong online presence for my law practice and my customers can find me in the front page of Google and several online Spanish language publications."

Richard Lopez, Inmigration Lawyer

Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms

Online presence for attorneys who need to attract the Hispanic audience in the U.S.

Monthly Yearly (save 10%)

Directory & Media


  • Get listed in the top directory positions (Featured Profile) for your legal area.
  • Work directly with our editors to create and publish how-to guides about legal issues that affect the Hispanic community in the USA.
  • Grow your visibility online and be found by prospects looking for legal services in your city.


  • Spanish Website
Add $90 $65/month
  • Spanish SEO
Add $60 $35/month

Lawyer Reviews


  • Grow your online presence and reputation by collecting hundreds of positive reviews online.
  • One click Reviews via Text Messages or Email.
  • Filter out bad reviews and capture negative feedback before they get posted online and can hurt your reputation.
  • Grow your reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and your website.


  • Spanish Website
Add $90 $65/month
  • Spanish SEO
Add $60 $35/month

A.I. Chatbot for Attorneys


  • Add a smart chatbot to your website.
  • Automatically get prospects' information and qualify them.
  • Automatically respond to trivial repetitive questions.
  • Show your customers that they can communicate with your office 24/7.
  • Daily email with an organized list of clients.


  • Spanish Website
Add $90 $65/month
  • Spanish SEO
Add $60 $35/month

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