We are accepting registrations for legal professionals and SEO agencies who want to become publishers of legal content on Lista Legal’s blog. If you would like to publish legal content for one or multiple Law Firms send us an email with information about your agency and your first article for review. Once we approve your first article we will create an account for you where you can submit your content every month.

We think the content that we publish has to be helpful for our audience in search of information or legal guidance, it has to be so useful and interesting that people bookmark it and share it through social media with their friends and family.

Whether this means you give us a 2,400 word in-depth guide or a brief but incisive explanation of the topic, the goal is to provide useful, up to date information that our visitors are looking for. Please read over the requirements below, and then submit your topic to us for review.

  • Non-promotional and vendor-neutral topics
  • Unique, insightful content that has not been published before
  • Article language must be in English or Spanish
  • The ideal draft should be 500 to 1500 words long
  • Contain specific, actionable tips in friendly, accessible, conversational language
  • At least three headline ideas
  • At least three bolded subheadings (Optional)
  • It may contain a list
  • It may contain a quote from an expert
  • It may contain one image, table, chart, graph
  • A small author bio
  • Link to the attorney website (to be publish on the bio)
  • A link or attached .jpg of your author/attorney headshot
  • A 3-sentence summary of your post
  • Article must be submitted in a Word format
  • Article must be submitted through email [email protected]

Note: Every article will be reviewed to make sure it meets the guidelines or it won’t be published. Articles may be translated and publish in English and Spanish. We reserve the right to edit parts of the article if our editorial team considers it necessary.