Advertising Terms & Conditions

TERMS OF AGREEMENT FOR ADVERTISING COPY. It is mutually understood the advertising copy must conform to the standards of the publishing company. The duration of the contract is determined as described if a business package purchased and is placed online. Specialty and written/electronically or personally signed advertising agreements are governed by the terms itemized on said agreement.

AD POSITION. Business Listings are set by proximity to user/consumer based on geo-targeting and alpha within a package. Sponsored Listings and all banners are placed based on position and covering the entire designated market selected and noted on this written agreement. Homepage and Results page specialty banners will cover the entire designated and agree to market area and be subject to the agreed to positioning indicated on this written agreement.

ADVERTISEMENTS SOLD. It is mutually understood that no agent or employee of the Publisher has the knowledge or authority to guarantee to the advertiser that a certain number of advertisements will be sold under a specific classification or category.

ERROR AND OMISSIONS. In the case of any error, or omission of any advertisement by the Publisher, the extent of Publisher’s liability shall be limited to a Pro-rata abatement of the charge paid to the Publisher. In the event of an error or omission for a non-charged item, the Publisher shall not assume responsibility.

ADVERTISER’S LIABILITY. The Advertiser warrants that he is authorized and entitled to advertise the business, product, trademark or trade name represented in the copy and listings furnished and agrees to indemnify Publisher against all claims, damages, demands, or liability whatsoever arising out of or in any way caused by or connected with the advertising copy and listings.

VISITORS, USAGE STATISTICS, AND RANKINGS. Visitors and usage statistics fluctuate on a daily basis, therefore an exact metric can not be guaranteed by Representative or Publisher. This also holds true for specific daily positioning of our results pages or listings pages on search engines, therefore Publisher will be held harmless for fluctuations or products claims subject to change.

ALTERING THE CONTRACT. The contract shall become valid when signed and or terms accepted via electronic signature, online acceptance of terms or in person signature by the Advertiser and accepted by the Publisher. The contract cannot be changed, altered or canceled except by calling client relations at Phone number (844) 705-2473, or email [email protected] Only the CEO, General Manager or person with the equivalent officer title within the Publisher’s organization has authority to change, alter or cancel any terms of the contract.

LISTING CHANGES. It is the sole responsibility of Advertiser to inform the Publisher of any changes to the phone, address or copy information via [email protected] Changes may be made at any time by the client or designated authorized client agent via client’s secure log in.

Client Log In. In the event, a customer forgets their password they must go to Member Access and select “Forgot Password” and input appropriate email utilized when registering the account.

FAILURE TO PAY. In the event, any monthly payment is not received by the payment due deadline Lista Legal any marketing program which you have signed up for will be immediately terminated and your listing will continue to be listed as a regular listing on our directory.

All terms are governed under California State Law. If any provision is found to be unenforceable all other terms and conditions will remain in effect.

Please note our business purpose is to keep each client happy with results and to provide the finest service and Hispanic online and mobile advertising results available in the US markets in which we serve. Your satisfaction is guaranteed however aforementioned cancellation periods follow traditional and appropriate business practices. If you are satisfied with your results, please tell other local business. If you are not happy with our product and or staff please email our CEO at [email protected] or call (844) 705-2473