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Lawyer Alex Shulman

Alex Shulman

"Shulman & Hill are the best in the business without a doubt. Nobody should ever approach a workers comp or work accident/injury case in Brooklyn or NYC without speaking to them first. I would definitely like to thank Mr. Alex Shulman and his entire staff at Shulman and Hill for their exceptional work in helping me with my Worker’s Compensation case. Their entire staff was courteous and professional from start to finish and all work was done in a timely fashion. I was previously with a different law firm who were not as informative, and they made me feel like I was a mere $ to them. I personally recommend The Law offices of Shulman & Hill for any injury/ workers compensation case you may have. They strive to get you a maximum reward for your injury, while maintaining the upmost courtesy and professionalism."

Dain Jones, Client

Lawyer Daniel  Moaddel

Daniel Moaddel

"I found myself in need of a good attorney. I had no idea of where to go. I finally read reviews and the experience of attorneys who specialized in the area of law which I felt was needed. I read many reviews for many different attorneys. I decided to make an appointment with Moaddel Law Firm. I met with Dan Moaddel as well as several members of his staff. I got good vibes, however one never knows for sure. I went ahead and signed a contract to be represented by Moaddel Law. Last week my case was finalized. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Dan Moaddel is the best. His legal assistant Kimberly is the best. His entire staff was outstanding. I was fully informed at all times. I never had a problem reaching who I needed to speak to. I highly recommended Dan Moaddel. In addition to working hard for you, he is a all around classy guy."

bill moore, Client

Lawyer Peter Billings

Peter Billings

"Peter Billings was very helpful to me in a recent personal injury case. I highly recommend his and Billing & Barrett's service!"

Robert D., Client

Lawyer Aaron Spolin

Aaron Spolin

"Aaron was really amazing. He got me the best possible outcome-no charges were pressed against me. I highly recommend him!!"

Suparna Saha, Client