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Lawyer Raymond Lahoud

Raymond Lahoud

"Raymond Lahoud is the top immigration lawyer that I have ever met. I hired Attorney Lahoud for an immigration matter where I was facing the closing of my company because an I-9 audit. Raymond saved my company. He was able to remediate our entire I-9 compliance process and led the fight to secure no fines for our company. He is the number one employment immigration lawyer!"

Roberto, Client

Lawyer David Glassman

David Glassman

"When I contacted him, I was facing a potential 15 year Federal charge and ended up with 4 years State community service. He expertly and compassionately navigated the system like a master conductor, pulling all the right strings at the right times. I am convinced that he is the only reason I got the result that I did and will be forever grateful."

Dan, Client

Lawyer Samuel Dordulian

Samuel Dordulian

"Dordulian Law Group really helped me out. A friend of mine referred me to Dordulian Law Group after the settlement amount offered by the insurance was not what we expected. When I contacted Dordulian Law Group, they suggested I take my case to trial, which in turn, worked out in our favor. We finally got the settlement we initially deserved and the experience shown at trial made me not to second my decision to use a law firm for my case. Thank you Rafi and Dordulian Law Group!"

Freddie M., Client

Lawyer Peter Schaeffer

Peter Schaeffer

"You have nothing to worry about when you have Peter Schaefer going to bat for you. His staff are knowledgeable, empathetic and meticulous. They will answer any questions you have. Address any concerns. My case was a challenging one. But they got me through it. They are the A-Team. Thank you. P.S. Brooklyn Rocks!!"

G Ru, Client