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Shari McPhail, Attorney at Law

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Cameron, Ohio

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1084 East Bethlehem Boulevard, Wheeling

Cameron, Ohio

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1084 East Bethlehem Boulevard, Wheeling. Cameron, Ohio

(304) 905-9783


Posted by Edgar Morano

Highly Recommended I recently went through a child custody/support case. As you can imagine this is a very stressful time for everyone involved in the case. The case went on for over six months, and I can honestly say, I do not think I could have successfully gone through the experience without the assistant of Attorney McPhail. Throughout the entire process she was professional, supportive, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable. Basically everything you would want in a lawyer representing you. The case was quite complex, but her legal expertise ensured a favorable outcome. Attorney McPhail was always well prepared during our meetings and court hearings. She represented me with dignity, integrity, and confidence. She informed me every step of the way as to what to expect was able to explain complex legal matters into simple layman terms. She responded quickly to all of my phone calls, e-mails, and other correspondences. I truly felt like I was her most important client. She is incredibly detailed, organized, and focused. All I am sure where the key ingredients to the success of the case. Attorney McPhail listened closely to my concerns and desired outcomes. She then developed a plan of action and systematically executed her strategy. As is obvious, I am completely satisfied with my decision to selection Attorney McPhail to represent me. Not only was I completely satisfied with the outcome of the case, but was equally satisfied with working closely with her every step of the way. I would without hesitation recommend her to anyone requiring legal counsel, and particularly anyone in need of assistance with child custody and support issues.

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Posted by Robert Corbin

In the toughest part of my life Betsy Griffith was graceful and compassionate. Very professional staff and works hard for you. Highly recommend for anyone going through a divorce!

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Posted by Alicia Rogerson

I dont wish divorce on anybody; however, if someone finds themself in a life-changing event i would 100%highly reccommend Shari. I completely understand that every case is different, as there are "laws" that no matter how much a lawyer may "fight" for. I am a believer that when children are involved there is never a win-win outcome. With that said..... Shari was not just my lawyer.... she was my "ray of sunshine" that i put my whole trust in (never been thru this before) and she never let me down or made me think otherwise. Very organized, very "on-top" of things and very responsive to any questions or issues i found myself having. Did i spend money...... yes; however, to say she was worth every penny would be an understatement. Thank you!

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