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Practice areas: Personal Injury, Family, Civil Rights, Bankruptcy, Employment, Immigration, Litigations

Ben Arnold, Texas

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3000 South 31st Street #410, Temple

Ben Arnold, Texas

(254) 771-5688



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3000 South 31st Street #410, Temple

Ben Arnold, Texas

(254) 771-5688


Posted by Amy Painter

I was injured through the fault of a hotel. These folks were extremely professional, kind and responsive to my needs. Even though my case was passed to a couple of different people, the transition was outstanding. If I ever have need of a law firm again, this is the one I will choose, hands down (and this is my 3rd time I've needed an attorney, and this experience completely outshines the others).

Hired attorney

Posted by Dave Hewlett

Savannah Stroud and Marissa Reyes were Extremely Knowledgeable and Professional!!! They answered ALL of my questions in a timely manner and I could not have asked for better representation. The billing service for the Law Firm leaves a little to be desired though. A weekly update of payments and charges would go a long way in assisting clients to know where they stand and what they need to do and or save for payment wise. Overall I recommend this Law Firm, Especially Savannah and Marissa!!!!!

Hired attorney

Posted by Chanelle Jackson

I'm sure they will pay to have this review removed but I hope it helps someone else. I was very nicely made an appt that whomever I was supposed to be meeting didn't even show up. Then I was seated in a room by myself to speak over the phone with a woman in another city who told me that after 13 years, a man that has never seen not spoken to my child by choice has more rights than my husband who has raised her since she was 16 most old and that they could not even begin to help me with this problem until I paid them $2000 which to be certain I understand that it is by no means a flat rate fee. But the that $2000 would begin to pay someone else to find a man that my daughter doesn't want found. They didn't even have he courtesy to have someone say that to my face. But they have he audacity to ask me for $2000???????? Get a heart Carlson I'm sure your bills folds are running over...but how is it you sleep at night???? Disgusting!!!!! I understand that this process costs money, but don't tell me you're in it for the sake of the children and the family because that is a BOLD FACED LIE!!!! One that I will not be fed!! You should be ashamed of yourselves. God help you!!!

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