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Walkerton, Indiana

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4 Indiana Avenue, Valparaiso

Walkerton, Indiana

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4 Indiana Avenue, Valparaiso. Walkerton, Indiana

(219) 464-3246


Posted by Amy Obrien

Steve and his entire team are incredibly kind and professional. When we called about our case, Steve came to our home as my husband couldn’t get out and about easily. Throughout the entire process he made us feel like we were his only case. He always returned calls and emails within a reasonable amount of time, and answered all of our questions thoroughly. His attention to detail and dedication to his clients is above and beyond what even the most high maintenance of clients would expect. We also had the pleasure of working with Rob, and he adds such a sweetness and care to the process. He’s very engaging with people and made it a point to talk with us about things that interest us as a way to connect on a more personal level. Shannon was always very prompt and accommodating as well. She was very clear in communicating what we would need to provide for our case. While the reason we needed to meet with Steve was one that I’d wish never happened, I’m so grateful to have met the Langer and Langer team in the process. I’d recommend anyone to use their legal services, and am forever thankful for what Steve and his team did for our family.

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Posted by Nikki K

I couldn’t agree more with the other positive reviews that have been written about this firm. And I probably couldn’t write a “review” a eloquently as some others have, so I won’t even try. But I will say this... From the start to finish of our case, Steve Langer and his team have been amazing! It was a very long and emotional battle. It was a journey I never thought I’d have to take. But I did. And this firm took every step of it with me. Phone calls and emails never went unanswered. And the phone call at the end of the night after a grueling day of depositions just because Steve wanted to “make sure I was ok”, wasn’t expected but certainly appreciated. The time and dedication this firm gives to its clients is unfathamable. In my humble opinion, Steve Langer is a rare breed in the world of lawyers. He is honest, kind, caring and compassionate. He has an innate need to right the wrongs in this world and when deserved, see that justice is served. These are not qualities that can be taught or standards that are forced to be upheld. They are his own morales and his personal code of ethics that he holds himself accountable for and it was obvious to me on every phone call and every meeting.

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Posted by 1ggrose

My Journey with Langer & Langer was a great experience and ended with great results. The focus was not limited to my case but me as a person. The interaction with me, the fight for me and the compassion toward me was phenomenal. They had my best interest at heart. I highly recommend Langer & Langer. Thank you Steve, Tara and Staff.

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