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Practice areas: Family, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense

Appleton, Wisconsin

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2670 South Ashland Avenue #201, Green Bay

Appleton, Wisconsin

(920) 321-2500



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2670 South Ashland Avenue #201, Green Bay. Appleton, Wisconsin

(920) 321-2500


Posted by justin st aubin

He helped me out with a case that i needed to go a certain way he was very professional and nice, I feel like he represented me very well. He called me the weekend before my court date and said that he had handled everything with the district attorney and it all worked out in my favor better than I had even asked

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Posted by Danielle G

In my experience I believe Todd Simon to be honest, respectful and trustworthy. He is extremely responsive. I always had a fast reply via email. He was always helpful and encouraging of any questions. Todd has a demeanour that is very personable with everyone he encounters. He keeps an excellent balance with the trust of the Justice System while ensuring he is looking out for his clients best interest. I felt he always made the extra effort to make sure I understood my case and any steps that I needed to make. I find him to be a genuinely good person. From my experience good people are hard to find. Without a doubt I will be sure to recommend him to anyone in need. His fees are very reasonable. My impression is that his #1 priority is to help his client NOT his bank account. I believe his advice deserves to be trusted. In no way am I associated with Todd Simon other than his recent representation. My advice is to ignore any of the trolls that have left negative comments in association to his representation. These people appear to be bitter they had consequences for their actions. His approach is straight forward with honesty. He tells you how it is without sugar coating or losing the respect of the Justice System. This is a healthy balance that is crucial to be maintained by anyone you are putting your life in the hands of. I have not needed representation often however I was a child involved in an ugly custody battle while growing up so I can understand the "politics" of the system. Good luck with any of your endeavors!

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Posted by Anthony Pijanowski

Well, apparently according to fail Gail, the receptionist. Who has obviously NO legal or paralegal degree, for which couldn't reference a new law and DNA sample. All I was asking was for the guy to explain why I need to, and call the courts for me. Figured it was worth at least 500 dollars for less than an hour of his tine. Good job Gail! Not!!!!

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