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Practice areas: Family, Criminal Defense

Van Buren, Arkansas

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511 Garrison Avenue, Fort Smith

Van Buren, Arkansas

(479) 783-1124



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511 Garrison Avenue, Fort Smith. Van Buren, Arkansas

(479) 783-1124


Posted by Dan Simmioms

I would recommend them to anyone. They have fair prices and respond quickly when you have a concern. Mrs. Elizabeth is the best and I wouldn't consider another attorney. She fights hard for her client's to see they are treated fairly. Thank you Mrs. Robertson

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Posted by Jeff Grossman

These guys haven't accomplished anything in the time they've been working on a friend's case. Our friend doesnt believe we even had representation hired because the attorney had never visited with him in a month, while he has been sitting in jail.

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Posted by Teren Overbeck

We put a down payment on a retainer with this law firm To handle a criminal case with their attorney Michael D. Pierce. After nearly a month the attorney has not even made a formal entrance on the case, nor visited or contacted the client who is sitting in jail. After seeking more aggressive defense, this law firm is being questionable about giving us our retainer back, even though we have proof the attorney hasn't even made a formal entrance on the case.

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